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Other Products

Besides our lines of tractors, trailers and implements, we also represent a variety of other brands and their products. We understand that customers want or may need other products, so we have created partnerships with numerous brands in order to provide a multitude of other products for our customers. Some of these products include vehicle/tractor batteries, truck accessories (lift kits, wheels, light bars, etc.), car/truck tires, vehicle snow plows, and roto-molded coolers. 

Please scroll down to see the brands we carry and their products, and visit our "service" page for info on the services we offer.

We can be reached at 505-852-2253 or at our contact page for more information.

Tire Sales

Through multiple tire distributors, we are able to get most tire brands for cars, trucks, atv's, tractors, etc. If you have a tire you want, we can get it. We also do mounting and balancing.

Rough Country 

Rough country has numerous products for your truck or SUV including lift kits, light bars, bumpers, floor mats, and much more.

Interstate Batteries

Interstate has batteries for all types of machines from vehicles, to tractors, to ATV & marine batteries. They have a quality battery for you.

Rim Guard

Weighing 30% more than water, Rim Guard ballast is able to add more weight & stability than other ballasts. Plus its biodegradable.


Offering numerous snow plows & salt spreaders for a variety of vehicles, Sno-Way has the products you need to clear snow and ice.

Service Pro

We utilize Service Pro lubricants. We carry their 15w-40 oil, universal hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, grease, wd-40, & gear oil.

IceBin Coolers

IceBin makes high quality, roto-molded coolers and tumblers. These affordable coolers range in size from 20 to 65 liters.

Timbren Suspension

Timbren SES Suspension Upgrades provide superior suspension performance under the stress of heavy loads.

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