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"With a large range of easy converting implements and accessories, Tuff-bilt can tackle almost any job. With our unique, patented hydraulic drive system, we can deliver 1,000 draw bar load pounds utilizing only a 19hp Kohler engine. Tuff-bilt comes standard equipped with two 3-point hitches (front & rear), hydraulically operated, with a lift capacity of over 700 pounds each.

Tuff-bilt is made in the U.S.A. and is very user friendly. It's two 3-point hitches allow for less trips over the field making this tractor more efficient. Burning only a gallon of fuel an hour and being quality built this tractor stays away from the pump and out of the shop. It's simple to repair construction requires no speciality tools. With Tuff-bilt's long life expectancy this tractor will be well worth the investment.

-Tuff-bilt Tractor-

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